Right Now…


I am listening to the sound of a loud truck.

I am eating awesome cake that my mom and I made.

I am drinking hot coca with marshmellos in it. (mmm)

I am wearing my pajamas because they are warm.

I am thinking my dad is going to get home soon, but not soon enough.

I am feeling a bit cold from going outside. (burrr)

I am wanting to see my dad. I don’t like him being gone all week. He drives a semi over the road, it is a big semi! I miss him a lot.

I am needing some more winter clothes. It sure does get cold!

I am enjoying volleyball. It is my first year playing and I love it!

I am wondering if it could get any colder outside. Wow, I sure hope not!semi-truck

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Winter is my favorite. . . My list of ways!

  • Christmas
  • Snow
  • Presents
  • Family Togetherness
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Christmas Music And Movies
  • Shopping
  • Slipper Socks
  • Colorfulness Of The Town
  • Smell Of Baking
  • Winter Clothes
  • Warm Fire Place
  • Bundling Up In Blankets
  • Cozy Inside
  • Building Snowmen
  • Roasting Marshmellows
  • Sledding
  • Rosy Cheeks
  • Happiness
  • Christmas Parties
  • Taking Family Pictures
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Good News And Bad News

  • The good news is I got a A on my Math test.ya
  • The bad news is people are calling me a nerd.
  • The good news is I am getting a new phone.
  • The bad news is I might be on it a little to much.
  • The good news is volleyball is starting soon.
  • The bad news is it wont start soon enough.
  • The good news is I got a new puppy.
  • The bad news is I miss my old one.
  • The good news is I have never gotten a late on any homework.
  • The bad news is there is always a first time.
  • The good news is I got new jeans.
  • The bad news is my favorite pair ripped.
  • The good news is my dad is coming home soon.
  • The bad news is he only stays for two days then he goes back to work.

-Image By Google.

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Free Adivce. . .


Free Advice

  1. Make good choices – that’s always a good choice!
  2. Say no to drugs.
  3. Don’t hang out with bad people.
  4. Set long-term goals.
  5. Study hard in school and get your diploma.
  6. Go to college.
  7. Get a good job.
  8. Be respectful to others.
  9. Short-term decisions will affect you in the long run.
  10. Spend your money wisely.
  11. Get your A.R. points
  12. Be responsible in life.
  13. Always think before you make a big decision.
  14. Don’t drink alcohol.
  15. Be respectful to everyone.
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I am. . .


rainfallWhat am I?

I am missing: my old cat that died.

I am smiling: because I’m happy. =)

I am running: for vice president at school next year. 

I am accepting: the fact that I have a long way until I graduate high school.

I am watching: the time to see how long  I have until I get to see my dad. (it’s been five days already, wow!)

I am making: cookies to give to Mrs. Stanley.

I am craving: to shop. I need to get a new shirt for the 7th grade trip.

I am loving: my parents for trying their best .

I am anticipating: on getting an A on my spelling test this week.

I am listening: to the popcorn pop. I can’t wait to eat it.

I am happy: to see that everyone has had a great day.

picture by google images

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